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Recipes your heart will love

February 16, 2018

Now is a perfect time to share some recipes your heart will love. February, after all, is American Heart Month – a time to focus on the muscular organ that keeps you going each day.

The culinary experts at Cooks of Crocus Hill have designed some dishes that not only make the heart hum but also please the palate. We asked Chef Lorelei McInerny to share a couple favorite recipes with heart healthy swaps.


Celebrate American Heart Month with easy,
heart healthy recipes.

Kale caesar salad

If you like Caesar salad, you’ll want to try this kale version. Don’t let the K-word scare you. The recipe includes a combination of greens that make it more approachable.

“I like this salad because it tastes just like a traditional Caesar salad, but by using kale and yogurt you get added nutrients and less fat than the traditional recipe,” says McInerny.

The dressing is made from low fat Greek yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and anchovy.

“Anchovies are full of flavor and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help protect against heart disease.”

Chicken wild rice soup

We’ve heard chicken soup is good for the soul, but this recipe is also good for the heart. Instead of oodles of noodles, it’s got wild rice.

McInerny points out, “Wild rice has a very high level of fiber which is known to clear out LD cholesterol from the cardiovascular system.”

She praises this soup for its flavor and heartiness.  Another perk:  it’s easy to prepare.

Classes for a happy heart

Blue Cross Retail Centers in Edina and Roseville are offering healthy cooking classes with Cooks of Crocus Hill February 28 that will make your heart happy.

A complete list of classes can be found at

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