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A look back at 2017’s fearless moments big and small

December 28, 2017

This year we  introduced the website— a place where  Minnesotans from across the state share their fearless moments to help inspire and encourage others to make fearless choices. As the year comes to an end, we are taking time to reflect on our favorite fearless moments from 2017.

Born to lead

After only one month at her new job, Kate Hoelscher began organizing the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program at Blue Cross, which focuses on workplace training and opportunities for military veterans. Nearly, two years later, Blue Cross remains the only health insurance provider in the state to receive this prestigious designation from the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs.

Look inside the box

Local Minnesota artist, Phil Hansen, thought a hand tremor was the end of his career. Instead, it began a  journey that led to new and powerful expressions of creativity. At a Blue Cross conference held earlier his year, Phil showed everyone in attendance how a perceived limitation can be turned into an opportunity.

Breaking away

Blue Cross hosted the fourth annual Minnesota Wild Breakaway run in September. This 10K/5K/1-mile run benefits the Herb Brooks Foundation, and is a great way to work towards fearless fitness goals.

Queen of the court

Jasmine Brunson grew up in New York City playing hoops with the boys. Now, she lets that experience fuel her competitive spirit as a member of the University of Minnesota Gophers basketball team.

An ode to the holiday host

A few years ago, Jan hosted her first big family holiday– much to her displeasure. As rocky as that first year was, she found a way to make it her own and showed others that it can be okay to break away from long-held holiday traditions.


Fearless moments big and small

Blue Cross employees also celebrated fearless moments – both big and small – this year. Here are a few of our favorites.

“Riding a 230-foot-high swing at Valleyfair.”- Beth

“Hosting a bride and 11 bridesmaids in my home with a family of six!”-Heather

“Chaperoning a group of fourth and fifth graders on a week-long trip to Puerto Rico.”- Liz

“Buying my first new car!” -Emily

“Getting back on my horse after being catapulted off at a high speed.”- Tamara

Share your favorite fearless moment

We want to hear your fearless moments! Share your fearless moment on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #LiveFearlessMN.

Your post may be featured on the website when you use #livefearlessmn.

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