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Introducing “The State We’re In”, a podcast about health equity in Minnesota

March 30, 2018

What does a healthier state look like? That’s the question being explored through The State We’re In, a new podcast series from the Blue Cross Center for Prevention.

The mission of the Center for Prevention is to tackle the leading causes of preventable death and disease – commercial tobacco use, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating – by advancing health equity, transforming communities and creating a healthier state.

A health equity focused podcast

The State We’re In podcast explores themes related to health, health equity and community. By sharing stories related to health, caring for each other, and building strong communities, each episodes examines what it means to have fair and just opportunities to be healthy.

“We’re excited to release this podcast dedicated to examining health equity in our communities,” says Anika Ward, director of the Center for Prevention. “Since our start, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of organizations, funded numerous initiatives and worked in coalitions to advocate for critical state and local policies to make our state a healthier place for everyone.”

The State We’re In podcast provides a great opportunity to dive deeper into what all of this work means for the health of our communities,” she says.

Episode 1: Trends and Traditions

The factors that play the greatest role in Minnesota’s heath inequities – race, income and ZIP code – reflect the policies, systems and environments in place that prevent people from taking care of themselves. Looking at these influences and creating solutions is critical to creating healthy, strong and thriving communities for generations to come.

In our first episode, we examine how health is shared from generation to generation. it combines conversations, reflections and art to explore themes around how we learn about and come to understand health.

The “Trends and Traditions” episode also includes a conversation with Sasha Houston Brown, communications and advocacy consultant, and her mother, Faye Brown. At Blue Cross, Sasha is committed to improving health equity through many key areas, including the Native American Healthy Eating initiative, where she focuses on finding creative solutions  and share the news of this work both with Blue Cross and employees and external stakeholders.

As Sasha puts it, “We’re driven by health equity. And not only raising awareness, but uplifting community voices to create community-driven solutions.”

The episode also features voices from throughout our communities and a poem read by Brittany Delaney, a spoken word artist from the Twin Cities. (That poem can also be found on the podcast landing page.)

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Episode two will focus on the topic of  “Belonging and Othering, “a look at what it means to belong to a community, to a society, to one another; and conversely, what it means to feel ‘othered,’ kept out, marginalized, and the health implications people experience when systems are created and perpetuated that exclude them.

Additional episodes planned for the inaugural season include the following themes:

  • Trends and Traditions
  • Trauma and Repair
  • Surviving and Thriving
  • Interdependence and Independence
  • Wellness and Disease

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