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Have a lean, green St. Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a day of indulgence—  savory corned beef, hearty beef pies, creamy mashed potatoes, chocolate stout cakes and lots of green beer.

But if you’re looking to lighten up your celebration, Chef Lorelei McInerny from Cooks of Crocus Hill has some better-for-you twists on classic St. Patrick’s Day dishes.

Sauerkraut lover's delight: Try the Rachel sandwich

Chef Loreli offers a fresh take on the traditional Reuben or Rachel.

“This delicious combo of meat and sauerkraut is made lower in calories by toasting the bread instead of frying it and serving it open faced knocks out some carbs,” Loreli says. “Be sure to pile on the sauerkraut because it’s high in fiber and packed with probiotics, vitamins A, B, C and K – it’s a great source of iron and calcium too!”


No need for meat: vegetarian shepherd’s pie

For a vegetarian twist on an Irish favorite, try Chef Loreli’s shepherd’s pie.

“Whether you’re a vegetarian by choice or just swapping out meat for a fresh take on the classic, this vegetarian shepherd’s pie replaces fat and calories with flavorful buttermilk mashed potatoes and protein-packed lentils,” she says. “This filling dish has such a delectable, meaty texture, you won’t even miss the meat!”


To a delicious and healthy St. Patrick's Day

Irish by heritage or Irish at heart, no matter how you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, you can do so deliciously and keep it healthier. Sláinte.


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