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Five great reasons to read the 2017 Blue Cross Report to the Community

April 5, 2018

Making meaningful change requires bold thinking and a commitment to action. It also requires the commitment of talented people willing to drive the work. At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, we have brought these two elements together through a strategic commitment to work with communities across our states to give all Minnesotans a chance for better health.

“Blue Cross is deeply committed to living out our mission to make a healthy difference in people’s lives.”

The newly released 2017 Report to the Community “Moving Health Forward,” highlights the many ways Blue Cross is positively affecting the lives of Minnesota communities through the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

“Blue Cross is deeply committed to living out our mission to make a healthy difference in people’s lives,” said Kirstie Foster, vice president of communications and social responsibility. “The report puts a human face on the work we do and how our work impacts the community by highlighting key accomplishments from the year.”

Five ways Blue Cross supports Minnesota communities

As you read through the report, you will see how Blue Cross’ community initiatives, employee volunteering and giving efforts are making a difference in Minnesota communities.  Below are just a few of the projects Blue Cross worked on last year in partnership with organizations throughout the state:

1. Community

Blue Cross and its employees provided more than $20 million to community organizations working to make our communities healthier. This includes support from the Center for Prevention and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation. More than 99 percent of these dollars remained in Minnesota.

2. Health Equity

Toward a goal of providing inclusive and equitable care and service for transgender Minnesotans, Blue Cross partnered with community-based organizations to increase employees’ understanding of gender identity.

3. Health Care

As part of a company-wide goal to reduce diabetes, Blue Cross launched a public awareness campaign called “Reverse It” to raise awareness of prediabetes as a preventable medical condition. Nearly 7,000 people competed a prediabetes risk quiz.

4. Employees

Nearly half of Blue Cross employees used  their volunteer PTO benefit– for a total of nearly 18,000 hours– to volunteer at dozens of community organizations and events.

5. Environment

Blue Cross diverted more than 290 tons of trash from the landfill in 2017. One significant way we did this is by replacing Styrofoam plates and cups in the cafés with compostable items. We’ll be expanding this effort in 2018.

Read the full report

The 2017 Report to the Community can be found on our website.

Go more in depth with upcoming blog series

In the coming weeks, Blue Cross will share perspectives from the leaders guiding the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy, offering a more in-depth look at how the company is moving health forward in Minnesota communities.

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