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Dancing Beast touchdown dance (and four more Vikings cheering exercises)

September 11, 2017

We all know exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits as well as improve our quality of life. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to incorporate more physical activity into our routines. And one of our favorite routines this time of year is cheering on our Minnesota Vikings.

With help from the do®. app, we found several ways to get a little exercise while watching the game. The app, developed by Blue Cross, is full of fun ideas to get you stretching, standing and flexing right along with the action on the field.

Touchdown: Dancing Beast

Every touchdown deserves a dance. We call this one the “Dancing Beast”.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart.  Twist side to side with your arms for ten seconds. Twist your legs and arms for another ten seconds. Finally, see how low you can go.

Get others to join you. Dancing has many benefits including increased muscle tone, strength and overall happiness.

Field Goal: V for Victory Pose

Do the “V for Victory” pose every time the Vikes try score a field goal.

Stand with your feet nice and wide. Lift your arms and make a V. Hold it for sixty seconds. We’re sure the team (and your shoulders!) will feel the victorious vibes.

First down: Hopscotch

You can improve your balance while working your leg and core muscles by doing the “Hopscotch” every first and ten.

Stand on one foot while lifting up the other. Hop a few times and continue balancing on one leg for 20 seconds. Switch to the other side. (Remember, the more first downs, the better balance training you’ll get so keep cheering!)

Interception: Look Where? There Stretch

When the Vikings intercept the ball, celebrate with the “Look Where? There” stretch. This stretch tackles those pesky neck kinks.

Face forward with your shoulders back. Soften your face muscles. Turn your head to one side and hold for ten seconds. Look forward again and relax. Turn your head the other direction. Remember to keep your shoulders back and straight. Hold again for ten seconds.

Quarterback Sack: Do It to It Quad Stretch

Take 20 seconds to work your core and quads for every QB sack. Stand up straight for the “Do It to It” quad stretch.

Use the back of your couch or chair for balance. Grab your ankle behind you, bring it up and hold for ten seconds. Feel the tension. Now switch to the other side for another ten seconds.

Get more ideas

These are just a few ways you can add exercise to your Viking-viewing routine.  For more actions that benefit your mind and body on game day and every day, download the on your Apple or Android device.

Skol Vikings!

One thought on “Dancing Beast touchdown dance (and four more Vikings cheering exercises)”

  1. Cindy Widmer says:

    Very creative and fun way to get us to do the ‘Do’ campaign.

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