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Chilly weather calls for chili: six recipes you need to try

February 22, 2018

Chili is a go-to comfort food here in the Bold North. In celebration of National Chili Day, we’ve gathered some favorite recipes from Blue Cross employees. If you’re looking to spice up the variety of your home cooking, try these fun and flavorful takes on a classic dish.

Best Chili for Reinventing Leftovers

This Black Bean Chicken Chili, recommended by Beth Rozga, is a favorite with her family for its versatility. “You can eat it as chili, as a dip, in tortillas as burritos and with eggs for breakfast.  We take it camping and to the cabin because it can be used for so many things,” says Beth.

Best Not-So-Spicy White Chicken Chili (gluten free too)

Stephanie Thayer is a big fan of this slow-cooker chili, which she claims even spice-averse toddlers enjoy eating. “Don’t forget to top it with tortilla strips and an extra splash of lime juice for some great added texture and flavor,” advises Stephanie.

Best Broth-Based Spicy Chili

As the author of this article, I just had to include my own favorite. This is the sole White Chicken Chili recipe that I have been making for almost twenty years. I offer optional toppings on the side, but I use plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream. Same tangy twist, just a little healthier.

Best Ground Turkey Chili for People Who Hate Ground Turkey

One of Tom Lee’s go-to chili recipes had me at “hello” simply because of its name, “Ground Turkey Chili For People Who Hate Ground Turkey.” And with prep time at only ten minutes, it’s definitely worth trying.

Best Traditional Chili with A Cocoa Twist

Jen Woods swears by this recipe, that can be prepared with ground beef or buffalo. You can customize to your tastes by adjusting the amount of spice, which are listed on the recipe with a range (e.g., 1-2 Tbsp.) versus a strict amount. “The cocoa powder offers depth to the flavors and complements the heat,” Jen explains.

Best Chili for Carb-Loading Athletes

Susan Schuster believes this mac and cheese recipe from country music star Trisha Yearwood hits all the right notes for her favorite chili concoction. “To carb up, our favorite is a base of mac and cheese in the bowl with your favorite red chili on top,” says Susan. It’s perfect for that team dinner the night before a big game or event.

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